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Terms of Use Master C.

Master C. Society whose registered office is located at 84 Bd Raymont Poincare 06160 Juan-les-Pins, with a capital of 15,000 Euros, registered with the Trade and Companies.
Under SIRET (453 707 903 00010) operates under the trade name of master and caretaker is engaged in the organization of sale, by, third parties services or products to its member customers.
Only a "Member" as defined and the following conditions may make inquiries or orders for access to private members' lounge on the website www.master-c.com, e-mail, phone or mail to the acquisition of a product and / or a service to be provided through the Master C. Master C. Society intervenes as a mere intermediary in relations between members and suppliers of products and / or service providers. Master C. Society only responds to requests or commands that are not contrary to law and that allows good morals.

Article 1 - Application of general conditions of sale

These general conditions of sale on the site www.master-c.com are transmitted to each member to enable him to make a request for information and / or placing an order.
These general conditions of sale constitute a contract between the member Master C. is to use the website and / or request for information to pass the Master C. and / or ordering on the website, by phone e-mail or mail.
Any order made by the member carries its accession, without limitation or qualification, these terms and conditions of sale, which supersede all other material (flyers, catalogs ... issued by Master C.). In particular, the fact confirmed by an order the process of "double click" according to law 2004-575 for Confidence in the Digital Economy, implies full and unreserved member to these terms and conditions.
Any other condition will be opposed by the member, in the absence of express prior acceptance by Master C., unenforceable against the company, regardless of when or what it could have been brought to its attention.
If Master C. does not rely on time in one of any provision of these terms and conditions this tolerance can not be construed as a waiver to take advantage later of any of these terms.
The member must read and accept these terms and conditions below before passing any orders for products or services.

Article 2 - Subscribe

Everyone should subscribe by phone, mail or on the website www.master-c.com order to acquire the status of "Member" and making inquiries or placing orders to Master C.
A) The subscription can be made by internet, telephone or mail.
In all cases, the proposed Member shall communicate its identity and contact information when registering on the site or by mail or telephone.
Once this information is communicated, the future member is contacted by our sales department within a minimum of 24 hours for final registration.
Each application will be carefully considered by the company Master C.
If the Member does not meet the criteria set by the company or Master C. if he refused to fulfilled any obligations of this contract, Master C. could refuse to contract with him.
Everyone will have to subscribe to services Master C. sign then by all means pass this contract and make payment of the subscription, in the manner set out below.
Final registration will be followed by a written or electronic confirmation from Master C. providing details of the chosen subscription and contact information (phone, e-mail, website address) of the company code and Master C. Confidential permit Member to have access to private members' lounge on the website. This confidential code issued to the Member allows him to make a request for information to order a concierge Master C., to receive commercial offers proposed by Master C., order confirmations, and check the status of their orders.
B) Master C. offers 4 subscriptions to choose from:
A subscription called "VISITOR"
This subscription lasts for a minimum commitment of 1 week, gives the possibility to the member having a hotline from 9:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday.
A reservation service for hotels, restaurants, yacht, private jet, shows...
The member must pay in respect of this subscription for a period of 1 week, or a sum of 150 euro / week HT adjustable on the day of the subscription by check, bank transfer or credit card, either from a sum of 150 Euro plus VAT.
The offer "VISITOR" does not include in its tariffs amounts to be charged directly to members by external service providers as part of your orders (Master C. has a role as an intermediary only). Moreover, in case the member specifically requests in exceptional physical movement and the involvement of a janitor in Master C. will be charged to the Member an amount of 60 euros TTC per hour (minimum charge = ½ hour and beyond billing ¼ hour, ¼ hour all started will be charged) and the cost of transporting the keeper.
A subscription called "VISITOR DIAMOND"
This subscription lasts for a minimum commitment of 1 week, gives the possibility for the Member to have access to a concierge service dedicated Master C. 7 days on 7 and 24 and 24 hours to meet him physically anytime between 8 am and 20 hours at home or at his choice (Limited to one hour per week maximum displacement). These meetings will be available with the Member as to the extent they are located in the boundary between Monaco and St. Tropez.
The Member may enjoy with the subscription "VISITOR DIAMOND" a discount or benefit with all partners Master C.
The maximum duration of each meeting with the Member shall be set at the discretion Master C.. If the Member has used the date of termination of service as part of the meetings available, there will be no refund.
The Member must pay under this subscription is a sum of 300 Euro HT adjustable on the day of the subscription by check, credit card or transfer a sum of 300 euro excluding VAT per week. The offer "VISITOR DIAMOND" does not incorporate in its rates the amounts to be charged directly to members by external service providers as part of your orders with our potential partners.
A subscription called "RESIDENT"
This subscription lasts for a minimum commitment of six months, allows the Member to access the service Master C. and receive telephone support from 9:00 to 19:00, Monday to Friday. With this subscription the member will benefit from reduced or benefits with all partners Master C.
The Member shall pay, under this subscription for a minimum period of six months or a sum of 1200 Euros HT adjustable on the day of the subscription by check, bank transfer or credit card.
A subscription called "RESIDENT DIAMOND"
This subscription lasts for a minimum commitment of six months minimum, gives the possibility for the Member to have access to Master C. 7 days 7, 24 and 24 hours 365 days a year. These services include but are not limited to:
Telephone support.
This pass gives the opportunity to meet with the Member to 2:00 per month, physically at any time between 8:00 and 20 h00 to the place you'll tell us (in our area) your private concierge Master C.
The subscription "RESIDENT DIAMOND" is the member discount benefit or benefits with all partners Master C.
The management of the organization and management of your day and your events as private parties or business rent a prestige car, yacht, private jet services at home, etc... (Research and development relationship with suppliers, quotation, negotiation, etc...)
An intelligence service practices (requiring less than 20 minutes to research, restaurant reservations etc...)
The member must pay under this subscription is a sum of 2400 Euro HT adjustable on the day of the subscription by check, wire transfer, or a sum of 400 euro excluding VAT per month.
C) Cancellation
For subscriptions "and VISITOR DIAMOND": In the event of termination, the member will remain liable for the amount of the remaining subscription period for its minimum. There will be no refund. In case of non-payment by the member's subscription to the agreed dates, Master C. will proceed to terminate the subscription contract without any compensation of any whatsoever is put in her care.
For subscriptions "RESIDENTS DIAMOND": unless the member to terminate his contract within a minimum of one week before the expiry of the contract by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, your subscription will be renewed by tacit agreement from year to year.
D) No use of services Master C. result in a subscription:
The non-utilization of services included in the subscription by the member shall not confer any right to reimbursement.
E) Subsequent modification of the conditions of membership:
Any changes to the subscription (pricing and details of individual subscriptions) will be communicated to the member by email.
F) The right of suspension or termination of the subscription:
Master C. reserves the right to permanently terminate the subscription of a member, in its sole discretion for any reason. In this situation, it is only Master C. of deciding whether to refund the subscription pro rata to the remaining subscription time.

Article 3 - Application and Order

To place orders or inquire about products or services offered by the company Master C., a member may use the various means below:
  • For Internet, in the members' lounge access via secure allocated to each member.
  • By telephone on +33 (0) 695 563 356.
  • By mail to the address below:
    Master C. 84, Bd Raymond Poincare - 06160 Juan-les-Pins - France.
  • By email contact@master-c.com.
A) Rules applicable to orders.
Before making any order, the member must notify Master C. his personal or professional address, email address, telephone number, which will allow Master C. to contact him quickly.
B) Order Confirmation
All orders will be confirmed to the member by Master C. by email.
C) Acceptance of the order by the member.
In the event that the amount of the order would exceed one thousand (1,000) Euros, the Member must confirm in writing or e-mail, and within 48 hours of its acceptance to Master C.
These orders will be final after receipt by Master C. of the member's written acceptance.
D) Monitoring of the order or request.
The member will receive if necessary, all relevant information inherent in the control (no reservation, date of service...)
E) Out of stock from suppliers or services unavailable in service.
The member will be contacted and alternative solutions will be proposed as soon as possible in case of stock unavailability of products or services ordered.
The proposed alternatives will be implemented upon receipt of a written agreement returned by the member.
If no alternative is found or not accepted by the member within 5 working days, the company Master C. will cancel the order. No compensation will be borne by Master C. by a member of that fact.
If a payment was made, and unless the alternative solution would be different from the control limb, it would be reimbursed by the supplier in case of cancellation of the order.
F) Personal control.
The benefit of the order is personal to the member and may not be for the benefit of another person without the prior consent of Master C.
G) Changing the order by the member
Any amendment or cancellation of orders made by the member must act within a maximum of seven working days to be considered as Master C. who will appreciate based on the nature of products or services.
If Master C. refuse to change or cancel the order sought by the member:
  • The price of the order would remain with the member.
  • The amounts already paid by the member him would in no case be refunded.
H) Special conditions for services related to tourism.
Master C. is not registered as a travel agency and will serve only as an intermediary between the member and the agency. Any service of tourism (airline ticket, travel packaged) purchased through Master C. will be subject to the terms and conditions of the tour operator or travel agent offering the service in question.
I) Failure of Master C. process an order
In case of inability to Master C. to process an order or request of any member for any reason whatsoever, Master C. will inform the member within a reasonable time.

Article 4 - Payment of Members of the Order

A) The price of the order
The products and services will be charged on the basis of rates specifically indicated in Euros and inclusive of all taxes upon confirmation of the order by Master C.
B) The terms of payment for order
The member will pay providers directly or Master C. by check, credit card or direct debit on receipt of the invoice issued by the supplier or Master C. or at the order date or the date of delivery.
C) Late payment
Any amount not paid when due will automatically and without prior notice, late payment penalties of 1.5% per month, and the application of interest at the legal rate. In case of late payment by the member, orders or deliveries in progress may be cancelled without prior notice or prejudice of any compensation and / or course of action.
D) Failure to Pay
Failure to pay a bill at maturity allows Master C. to cancel orders or during delivery, without prior notice or prejudice to any compensation or an action without prejudice to the recovery of sums owed by the member.

Article 5 - Delivery

A) The delivery terms
The terms of delivery of the product or service ordered will be set at the time of the written confirmation will be sent to the member by Master C.
The delivery by Master C., products ordered by the member does not in any way assume that the sale is made directly by Master C. that only acts as an intermediary in relations between members and suppliers.
B) Delivery time
Delivery times will be shown when the written confirmation will be sent to the member by Master C. Master C. can not be held responsible for any damages caused by delay in delivery of a product or a service.
The non-compliance with agreed delivery dates can not result in any compensation of any kind whatsoever to the charge of Master C.

Article 6 - Right of Retraction

Pursuant to Article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code, the member shall have seven (7) days to assert his right to retract from the supplier and at the receipt for the goods or accepting the offer for services.
No returns, exchanges or refunds will be accepted after the deadline of seven (7) days of delivery for goods, or accepting the offer for services.

Article 7 - Liability

Member expressly agrees that Master C. as a broker and more generally as a mere intermediary, not merely under an obligation of means.
Master C. does not therefore incur, regardless of the reason, no compensation of any nature whatsoever, di sole responsibility provider may be engaged.
The member will speak so directly to the service provider or product concerned any claims for compensation or any other questions regarding the product or service ordered through Master C. to claim compensation.
Master C. is exempt from liability on the contract of sale and delivery of products and services ordered.

Article 8 - Protection of Personal Information

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the member has a right of access, rectification and opposition to the personal data concerning him.
To do this, simply that the member submits a request to Master C. online or by mail, by clicking its name, address and membership number.
The member consents to the use of data collected under the file service members Master C.
The Member agrees that Master C. retain all documents, information and records concerning its activity on the site. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 1341 of the Civil Code, such documents, information and records will show in particular the timing and content of the application or the command, whatever the amount.

Article 9 - Dispute

Any dispute concerning the interpretation and implementation of these general conditions of sale is subject to French law. Failing amicable settlement, the dispute will be brought before the competent civil courts.

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